Turkish bed linen: features of the sets and the rating of the best manufacturers

 Turkish bed linen: features of the sets and the rating of the best manufacturers

The range of bed linen in our time does not cease to amaze with its wealth and diversity. Accordingly, a large number of well-known (and not so) manufacturers producing similar products are present on the market. Today we will take a closer look at the kits from Turkey and find out what their features are.

Special features

Bedding should be chosen carefully and carefully, since the level of comfort of a berth will depend on the quality of the purchased goods. Fortunately, these days the range of such goods is greater than ever? and find the best option for every taste, color and wallet.One of the most popular and popular today is recognized as the products of Turkish manufacturers.

Bed sets from Turkey belong to the average price category. Also in the respective stores you can meet premium sets with elegant packaging. The latest options are often presented as an elegant gift that is definitely not unnecessary.

Turkish bedding is presented in a variety of design designs. You can meet as concise and discreet options for everyday use, and truly luxurious kits that many people only get in special cases. This also applies to the color range of linen. This suggests that it will be possible to find the perfect sets for any situation.

Turkish products are made from different fabrics, each of which has its own performance characteristics, pluses and minuses. For example, products made from sateen and special Turkish coarse calico, called ranfors, are widespread.

A distinctive feature of Turkish bed linen is that in many cases it performs a decorative function and complements the interior.With the help of well-chosen set you can literally transform the room, giving it a special chic and charm.

What fabrics are used to make kits?

Turkish manufacturers use different types of textiles in the manufacture of bed linen. The total cost of the kit depends on this parameter. Consider the materials from which most often produce bedding in Turkey.


On sale you can find a huge number of different sets of Turkish cotton bedding. This textile is incredibly popular and is widely used in the production of various woven items. The main advantage of cotton patterns is their high hygroscopicity. In addition, cotton itself has a reasonable price and lasts a long time. With such underwear in the winter will not be cold, and in the summer - hot.


Many Turkish manufacturers offer high-quality satin kits to consumers. Some of them have the texture and surface like real silk. Such underwear is very pleasant to the body, so it is a pleasure to rest and sleep on it.

By itself, satin is a fairly dense fabric, which includes cotton or a combination of other materials. Despite its external similarity with silk, this type of textile is much cheaper and is less capricious in operation. Satin underwear is very popular in Russia, as it has a beautiful design and is durable.

Also in Turkey, make sets of bedding from a fabric such as marco-satin. This raw material is a combed fine fiber cotton. Products from it differ in more noticeable gloss, the smooth invoice and not susceptibility to a crumple. Even after a long time, things from marco-satin do not lose their former attractiveness and original brilliance.


Many Turkish manufacturers make jacquard bedding. This type of textile is distinguished by a clever interweaving of threads, which results in a multicolor canvas. Jacquard lingerie is very popular, because it has excellent strength characteristics and wear resistance. Jacquard things are not afraid of frequent washing and mechanical damage.


Turkish silk linen is the most chic and beautiful. Such products are characterized by a unique brilliance, slightly cool surface. However, silk items are capricious, which is important to consider when buying them. For linen from this fabric should be cared for as carefully and accurately as possible. It is not recommended to wash the silk products in the washing machine - it is better to contact dry cleaning. If you ignore these rules, natural silk can be seriously damaged.

More unpretentious, but no less attractive are Turkish rayon kits. This material does not require special care, has a high thermal conductivity and the ability to absorb moisture.


Linen fabric is antique and has been used for many years. Flax was relevant in the days of ancient Egypt. Nowadays, high-quality and attractive models of bed linen are made from this raw material, which are chosen by many consumers. The choice of people is influenced by the democratic value of such specimens, as well as their environmental friendliness. Linen does not provoke an allergic reaction or irritation on the skin.

Turkish linen from pure flax autumn is easily wrinkled, and it can be difficult to smooth it. On the shelves you can often find products, which include not pure textiles, but a combination of different fibers. For example, it may be a tandem of flax and cotton. Such options are no less convenient and pleasant to the body, but it is less wrinkled and smoothed easier.


Such textiles as bamboo, appeared on the market relatively recently, but has already managed to gain world fame and wildly popular. It produces soft and pleasant to the touch things that have a neat texture and shine. Turkish bamboo linen is similar to silk or cashmere, so many buyers choose such products. In addition, bamboo kits are hypoallergenic and have antiseptic properties.


Often, Turkish manufacturers are used in the manufacture of bed linen modal. This is a fabric of artificial origin, which in many characteristics is similar to natural options. In some matters modal surpasses textiles of natural origin. Linen from such raw materials distinguishes environmental safety.There are no hazardous components in the composition of the products, because the modal itself is based on wood pulp. It does not contain chlorine-containing elements. In addition, kits from this artificial material can boast of high hygroscopicity, breathability, lightness, long service life and excellent comfort.

Melange knit

Good Turkish-made bedding sets are made from knitted fabric called melange. This type of textile consists of fibers painted in different colors. The threads that are in this fabric can be both natural and artificial. They often differ in shades and undertones - the result is a very original and beautiful lingerie with a game of colors.

The lion's share of melange bed linen from Turkey is made in bright and saturated palettes. Such home textiles can be a real decoration of the interior and its interesting highlight.

Top Brands Rating

The range of Turkish bed linen never ceases to delight consumers with its diversity. On the market there are many well-known manufacturers producing high-quality and beautiful sets.Let's get acquainted with the rating of the most popular Turkish brands whose products have a good reputation.


Opens our rating world-famous brand called Tac. In its assortment there are several spectacular lines of bed linen (there are even models on an elastic band) with different designs and materials of manufacture. The most popular and popular are satin sets from Tac, which can be easily confused with silk, as they have the same texture. Satin products of the Turkish brand are of unsurpassed quality and democratic value.

No less relevant kits from Tac from ranfors. Such underwear is inexpensive, but is quite practical and attractive, so it is chosen by many buyers who are looking for the best products in the price-quality ratio. There are in the arsenal of the company and the elite copies that are made of sateen of the highest quality. Such models have a rich design and beautiful packaging, thanks to which they are quite possible to give as a gift.


Next on the list is the Arya brand, which has been operating since 1992.The products of this company are terribly popular in Russia and are presented in a wide range. You can find sets of various colors and materials. Arya bedding sets are made from environmentally friendly and safe materials. The manufacturer refers to satin, jacquard and rayon. Products from Arya is not very high price, but in its quality is not inferior to European products.


This company boasts lightning-fast development. Issimo is one of the first companies to start producing eco-friendly linen made from bamboo, modal and melange. Also this company owns several technologies for painting fabrics. Issimo products were among the first to be complemented by lace elements, rhinestones, beads and sequins. Currently, products of this brand are made from bamboo, flax and first-class cotton. Issimo elite collections are represented by sets of thick satin and jacquard. Products are decorated with beautiful embroideries and sequins.

Ecke textile

This brand has been supplying high-quality underwear to Russia for many years. All products are made from pure cotton, which is assembled by hand.Such raw materials are environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic things are obtained from them. In addition, all the fabrics at the stage of manufacturing resemble a special treatment, finding at the same time unique softness. The lion's share of sets from Eke Textile is represented by restrained copies of classic colors. Juicy and bold palettes you will not find here.


Customers are delighted with Tac products. They like its color, workmanship, durability and unpretentiousness. Cons, many people did not notice, but some are faced with molting products. Some advantages consumers find in products from Arya. People like the durability of linen, beautiful drawings, aesthetic packaging and color fastness. However, some were upset by the high price of certain models.

Consumers are also pleased with the quality of tailoring of bed linen from Issimo. The range of colors of products also noticed many buyers. Most people did not notice the minuses in branded products. The only exceptions are cotton and satin options, which have to be ironed for a long time and stubbornly after crushing. Elite products from Eke Textile attract customers with concise,but exquisite design and top quality. The only thing that upsets many consumers is the high cost of most models.

How to choose Turkish underwear, see the next video.

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