How to choose white bedding?

A significant part of our life passes in a dream, and therefore it is desirable to spend this time with comfort. In this case, it is important not only the bed itself, but also the laundry, with which the body is forced to constantly touch. Modern housewives prefer to buy color bedding for the bedroom, considering that white color is too easily soiled. In fact, shades of white can be practical if you know how to choose them correctly.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Snow-white bed linen has several advantages over other colors.

  • It is easy to add. Both color, and dairy pillows and plaids will look equally well with him.
  • White color is an ideal background for the interior of the bedroom, as it has a positive effect on the psychological perception of the room.
  • White bed linen can dilute the abundance of different colors. If the bedroom is decorated in rich colors, whiteness will help to calm the interior a little.
  • Another advantage of textile color of milk is that it visually creates a feeling of cleanliness and freshness in the room. If the owners of the apartment white color seems too boring, then it can always be diluted with bright accents.
  • White sheets will look equally good both in the nursery and in the adult bedroom. In addition, the color, symbolizing purity and innocence, never goes out of fashion, which means it will always be in line with current trends.
  • With the help of white bed linen you can create a harmonious atmosphere in the room and emphasize its individuality. It will look especially good in a classic, eclectic and Scandinavian style.

Shades of white have almost no flaws. The only reason why a customer may choose other colors is the brand of milk textiles. But this problem is easy to solve, if you use a bed only for its intended purpose and always make the bed after sleep.

Main selection criteria

Before you buy white bedding, it is necessary to carefully study the following parameters:

  • production material;
  • design;
  • quality;
  • manufacturer;
  • the size.

The most important thing that you need to pay attention to when choosing bedding is the manufacturer. Truly good textiles come in beautiful packaging. Any responsible manufacturer will not save on the appearance of the goods, and therefore will produce products in a presentable package with a clear and bright label.

It is very important to study the label itself. On it, the manufacturer must indicate its name, location and telephone number. In addition, he will indicate what consists of textiles, what size the product and how to care for it.

Good bed linen has a dense structure.

If the fabric shines through, then it will not last long.

A quality product should have clear seams formed from durable threads. It should have a pleasant smell without harsh chemical notes.

After packing, seams and density of pillowcases, sheets and duvet cover are studied, it is necessary to pay attention to the composition of the fabric.High-quality textiles should have good ventilation, which allows it not only to pass air, but also to absorb sweat. Linen, silk and cotton bedding have such qualities.

A dairy bedding set must have sufficient strength to ensure its durability. Too soft fabric can spread at the seams after a few washes.

Consider the basic fabrics used in the manufacture of bed linen.

  • Cotton - it is distinguished by high strength, good ventilation and environmental friendliness, and therefore it is most often used in the production of home textiles.
  • Chintz - has high density and availability. At the same time, white calico fabric, after a while, may turn yellow and thin.
  • Terry knitwear - has a soft and soft texture. He does not need special care and is able to warm well.
  • Calico - can serve for several years without losing its original properties. Bed linen from coarse calico has high strength and wear resistance.
  • Atlas - able to pass moisture and dry quickly. With proper care, he can serve for several years.Satin bed linen has high strength and anti-static.
  • Satin - consists of durable and durable threads, capable of passing moisture and air. He does not need ironing and does not change the appearance even after a long time.
  • Flannel - possesses the warming properties, but in several months of regular use can become covered with pellets.
  • Linen - has a pleasant structure, easy to wash and iron. Linen textiles of milky color can cool the body even at high temperatures.

When choosing white bedding, it is important to pay attention not only to the quality characteristics, but also to the size of the set. In Russia, it is customary to distinguish between single, one-and-a-half, double and euro-linen. Foreign manufacturers also distinguish three-bedroom sets.

How to choose high-quality linens, you will learn from the video.

Modern tendencies

Classic white color is currently in steady demand. It helps to relax people after a hard day's work and arrange for bed. Plain textiles have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and emphasizes the freshness and cleanliness of the bedroom.

Modern fashion welcomes the use of contrasting colors. White kits in combination with black, red and purple hues are very popular. The combination of milky tone with blue, brown and golden color also looks beautiful.

Designer bedding is in great demand, as it is performed in a single version. To the snow-white set you can pick up pillowcases decorated with embroidery or lace. In a fashion three-dimensional prints, creating a lively pattern. On a white background look beautiful images of nature, flowers and animals.

Various geometric shapes can dilute the whiteness, be it triangles, rhombuses or ovals. Look beautiful in white striped bedding. In this case, the strips may have different widths and lengths.

When choosing a milky kit, it is important to consider the overall design of the bedroom. To maintain the classic kit should not have any color inserts. Only light lace can decorate pillowcases and duvet covers in classic style.

Blue and white shades can emphasize the naturalness of the finish, and red roses on a white background can create a romantic setting.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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