Bed linen in the crib for newborns: types of sets and selection criteria

 Bed linen in the crib for newborns: types of sets and selection criteria

Preparing for a meeting with a small family member is an important and exciting moment in the lives of young parents. And it is very important from the first days of life to ensure the baby all the conditions for a comfortable and healthy sleep: bed, mattress, diapers and bedding should be made of high quality materials and fully comply with the requirements of hygiene.

In this article we will describe how to choose the right and comfortable bedding for a small family member, and what criteria should be guided.


For the crumbs, it is necessary to create special conditions, especially in the first days of life. And since sleep has a positive effect on the mood and development of the baby, and high-quality linen is the key to a healthy and deep sleep of the baby, you need to carefully consider the choice of his bedding.

When choosing clothes, it is important to consider several characteristics.

  • The bedding material should not irritate the delicate skin of the baby, get hypoallergenic fabrics.
  • Sheets should not slide or move down from the mattress - any irregularities and bumps can cause discomfort in the sleeping crumbs.
  • Preference should be given to cotton fabrics - they quickly absorb moisture and allow the skin to breathe. On such a bed, the baby sleeps stronger and calmer.
  • The laundry should not be electrified.
  • Heat transfer is another important aspect of the quality of bed linen. During sleep, during the hot period, the fabric should pleasantly cool the baby’s skin, and, in cold weather, on the contrary, keep warm and warm the baby.
  • Bedding for the baby should not be made of small patches or different pieces of fabric - this will create extra stitches that will bring more discomfort to the child. In addition, from a single piece of fabric, the sheet is stronger and stronger.
  • Many parents when choosing bed linen prefer the colorful sets of linen, and it is very important that bright prints are not imprinted on the skin of the crumbs every time. Buy color-resistant materials.
  • And not the last point of importance - the bedding should please parents.


In the small bed, the baby spends most of the time in the first months of life. Scrap gaining strength, learning and growing.

Some parents choose a tiny cradle for the first year of the baby instead of a large single bed. The cradle is different in miniature size and takes up little space in the room. Bed linen for the cradle should be ideally suited to the size of the bed. In some cases, you can take a standard set of linen, and bend it to the size of the bed. But as a rule, the cradle manufacturers already offer a ready-made and suitable for the size of the set of bedding.

Recently, modern manufacturers of the industry of children's goods offer cribs with round or oval mattresses. And for such a bed it is necessary to select a set of bed linen that will fully correspond to the size of the bed.This is because modern oval mattresses do not have standard sizes, and similar models may differ by several centimeters.

To ensure that the bed is always smooth and without folds, manufacturers of baby clothes offer sets with sheets on elastic. This is very convenient, since the sheet will be securely fixed by the sides of the mattress, and even an active baby will not be able to pull out the edge of the fabric. Otherwise, you will have to accept the fact that the sheet on the sides of the mattress can bristle and wrinkle.

In fact, the baby is not so important the quality and softness of the bedding for the stroller, because during walking the baby is dressed in vests and romper suit, and then wrapped in a diaper. A large role in this case is given to a soft fluffy rug, which can cover a sleeping baby during a walk. Another thing when it comes to the crib. In this case, many of the requirements for the quality of materials are put forward by the sheet, pillowcase and duvet cover.

Materials and sizes

Synthetic materials are easy to maintain, but have one major drawback - synthetics do not allow air to pass through and retain water.Thus, all the pollution will begin to remain on the surface of the bed linen, and the child will be forced to freeze. Avoid diaper rash on the skin almost fails. therefore better to prefer cotton fabrics - they allow the skin to breathe, and perfectly absorb moisture. And not least, cotton fabric does not slip and does not bristle.

Let us dwell on the most popular materials for newborns.

  • Calico. Excellent breathable and absorbs moisture. But when choosing bedding for a baby, it is worth taking a coarse calico without glossy shine. In addition, calico - the thinnest fabric, which is faster "fails." Therefore, when buying bedding from coarse calico pick a few more sets in reserve.
  • Chintz. Comfortable soft and smooth fabric. An important plus is an affordable price. But after the first wash the material may shrink, which must be taken into account when choosing the size of accessories.
  • Cotton. Natural lightweight and safe fabric, does not stick to the body and perfectly breaths. Bedding made of cotton can withstand frequent washing, while maintaining an attractive appearance for a long time.
  • Satin. Perfect as a winter set of clothes, because the shiny glossy satin retains heat. Externally, satin is a bit like a satin in its silky structure.
  • Flannel. Soft to the touch, very pleasant to the body material, also perfectly retains heat. On the surface of the fabric there is a slight downiness, which with frequent washings can be covered with pellets. And one more minus of flannel bed linen - dense material dries long after washing.
  • Bamboo. Eco-friendly and pleasant to the touch fabric. It is believed that bamboo maintains temperature and humidity. But this soft and delicate material requires delicate care - it is recommended to wash a set of linen in the mode of hand washing using soft scouring powders or gels.
  • Bike. It has a soft fleecy surface, which makes the material an ideal option for newborns. Bike perfectly absorbs moisture and, despite its greater density, dries quickly.
  • Linen. Antiseptic material that is not electrified, and also absorbs moisture, maintains heat balance and passes air. Such kits look beautiful, and will last for several years.But flax hesitates quickly and is hard to iron. In addition, linen from flax will cost several times more than a similar set of other fabrics.

The material of the bedding set must correspond to the season. For the cold autumn and winter period, flannel and bike are best suited, and in the spring and summer period it is recommended to use chintz or calico.

Bed linen for newborns is usually standard sizes. And if the kit is made according to GOST, then the sizes of all elements are made according to certain standards:

  • for newborns, bed linen manufacturers offer rectangular pillowcases 40x60 cm;
  • in a standard crib for newborns the sheet is small in size - 130x170 cm;
  • the duvet cover should ideally fit the selected blanket, so manufacturers offer duvet covers in two sizes: 100x140 cm and 90x100 cm.

If you wish, you can sew a set of bed linen on your own from combined fabrics, and choose the appropriate size for all accessories. For example, since flax can be categorized as relatively capricious materials that are difficult to iron, manufacturers often add several synthetic yarns to the fabric to facilitate the maintenance process.

But synthetic materials in sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases are not very suitable for a child. And for the side or side pockets of similar materials fit perfectly. Therefore, beautiful sides of linen with synthetic threads can complement a set of bed linen.

What are the sets?

Sound and healthy sleep is an important condition for the healthy physical and emotional development of the baby. During rest, a small organism gains strength, the nervous system stabilizes and energy is activated. You can buy bedding either individually or as a complete set.

The standard set consists of the following minimum required for the baby.

  • Sheet. It is selected based on the size and shape of the mattress. The sheet can have elastic bands around the edges - in this case the fabric will not jam and move down. But when choosing such a sheet, it is necessary, in addition to the width and length of the mattress, also take into account its height. Also, some manufacturers offer sets of linen with sheets with velcro - this option is also more convenient in comparison with the usual model.

It should be understood that Velcro can deliver some troubles, for example, it can cling to a cloth or stick to a mattress during washing.

  • Duvet Cover. The main requirement is that the material must be breathable. When buying a duvet cover for the baby should abandon the product with buttons or with a free cut. The most suitable option is a duvet cover with a zipper.
  • A blanket. It is selected taking into account the time of year and the temperature in the apartment. The baby should be comfortable under the blanket: not too hot, but not too cold. It is also important that the material of the blanket be pleasant to the touch. It is more reasonable to choose several blankets, and change them depending on the temperature in the apartment.
  • Pillow. In the first days of life, it is not a necessary attribute for a child.

The pillow should not be very high or too hard. Instead of a pillow, you can use the usual diaper, folded several times.

  • Pillowcases. In stock young mothers must have a few changeable pillowcases, because at an early age, the child can spit up the remnants of food, lying in bed. When choosing a pillowcase should be preferred soft natural fabric.
  • Bumpers. These are small flat pillows that are installed around the perimeter of the crib and protect the baby from drafts and accidental impacts on the details of the crib.And also the bumpers close access for the baby to the rails and bars, thus protecting the arms and legs of the crumbs. In addition, the bumpers protect the baby from the environment, and help to fall asleep faster. The sides are made of soft foam, which is then sheathed with a fabric to match the kit. Attached to the bed with ribbons or velcro.
  • Side pockets. A convenient item for storing regularly used items for a child. In the side soft pocket, attached to the side of the crib, diapers, sliders or toys can be stored.
  • Mattress cover. As a rule, the mattress manufacturer has already taken care of the complete set. But it is necessary to get the second mattress pad for a shift at once.
  • Canopy. Optional item in the kit for newborns. Most often the canopy is used for decorative purposes only to decorate the crib. But the light flowing fabric above the crib also protects the baby from bright light and insects. It is necessary to take into account the disadvantages of the canopy.

Like any fabric, the canopy will be a kind of dust collector on which dirt will accumulate, and the child will breathe through this “mosquito net”.Therefore, it is necessary to wash a canopy at least once a week.

How to choose?

When choosing bed linen you need to pay attention first of all to the quality of the fabric, and only then to the color and pattern. It is not necessary to decorate bed linen with a large number of decor: ruffles, ribbons, beads, embroidery and appliqués, because the child will have a desire to try "to the tooth" all the details that attract attention.

Choosing bedding for a newborn, it is wiser to give preference to ready-made kits. This option has many advantages. Firstly, all elements and details are designed in one style and look harmonious. Secondly, in most cases, the purchase of the finished set will be cheaper. And thirdly, the choice and purchase of the finished set requires less time and effort.

In some cases, the purchase of bed linen is not in a single set is the most suitable option, for example, if the bed has non-standard sizes, and it is difficult to choose a ready-made set.

It is not necessary to purchase bedding for growth. Save at least a small amount is unlikely, because the laundry can become unusable even before the moment when the baby grows up.And frequent washing a large set, and a long drying will deliver more trouble. In addition, folds and bumps may appear on a large sheet.

As a rule, all manufacturers of bed linen offer sets in standard sizes. But before buying, check again the exact dimensions on the packaging label. And a prerequisite: before buying a kit, ask the seller to present a certificate of quality of the vending kit.

How many sets do you need?

In the first year of life, 2-3 sets of bedding will be enough for a baby. Depending on the material, the laundry can withstand 180 to 500 washes. Thus, the selected kits will last an average of 2-3 years.

The easiest option is to purchase a ready-made set with removable sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers. In this case, brand elements can be changed individually, as pollution. For example, some manufacturers offer kits with 5-6 sheets, because this particular accessory gets dirty much faster, especially in the first year of a baby's life.


An important point when choosing bedding for newborns is the product brand.Modern manufacturers of bed linen offer many options for both standard and exclusive sets. The choice of parents is limited only by budget and individual wishes.

Russian brands focused on the average price category, and at the same time buyers leave positive feedback on products of Ivanovo and Novorossiysk. Young parents celebrate not only an affordable price, but also positive qualities, such as soft fabric, durability, and a wide variety of products. As well as domestic manufacturers offer full sets of bedding, which include a mattress, pillow, blanket, blankets.

In the market of bed linen for a long time and successfully established themselves brands from Turkey. As a rule, manufacturers of baby bedding prefer natural cotton - a very delicate and high-quality fabric. And in a large assortment there are not only bedding without decor, but also beautiful sets with decorative elements and many details.

The category of luxury bedding can be attributed Belarusian brand Perina. In each set, the manufacturer offers from 4 to 7 accessories made of soft fabric with a glossy shine in a light and delicate palette. The quality of fabric and design of Belarusian manufacturers do not differ from European ones.

Care Tips

Rules for the care of children's bedding are not seriously restricted.

  • In the process of washing cotton fabric may shrink, so take into account the manufacturer's recommendations for the care of bed linen. Leave the labels with recommendations for water temperature and ironing mode, so that the bedding does not lose its beautiful appearance, does not shed and does not deform.
  • Use of children's washing powders and gels for cleaning baby clothes is allowed. Household chemicals should not have strong odors and pronounced aromas.
  • Before washing it is necessary to turn the blanket cover and pillowcase inside out. After washing, you should rinse the bed sheets 2-3 times under running water to eliminate the likelihood of particles of detergent between the fibers and in the seams of linen.
  • It is recommended to iron baby bedding wet, in the recommended temperature conditions.

Beautiful examples

All parents, without exception, love to watch the baby sleeping peacefully. And an attractive set of bed linen plays a special role in this. For a newborn, it is recommended to choose bed sets of pastel calm tones. Psychologists and pediatricians advise to abandon the bright colors and rich prints.

It is best in the first year of a baby’s life to choose bed linen in a delicate palette, with discreet cute drawings.

Decorative inserts, lace and bulging stripes look very nice on children's bedding, but all additional elements should be on the outside of the crib so that they do not cause the baby any troubles and discomfort.

It is very important that all decorative elements are sewn, not glued to the fabric.

Protective bumpers on the bed perform another important role - they contribute to the development of the child. Tossing and turning in the crib, the baby can look at the applications and color prints, so the crumb learns to focus on individual elements and develop fine motor skills. And for this, manufacturers offer various sets of sides with removable parts, additional fittings and even sound elements.

Sleepy baby meets new day with a smile.Therefore, take care of choosing a quality set of bed linen so that love and peace will always reign in the family.

More tips on choosing bedding in the crib for newborns will find in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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