Choosing bed linen in the style of "Provence"

French style found its manifestation in bedding sets. Bed linen in the style of Provence - this is natural, combined with elegance and originality, can provide the desired comfort and convenience in any bedroom.

Special features

This trend, originating in the small villages of France, has gained great fame in other countries. Here is the relationship of natural fabrics with pastel colors. Having found its use in a country house or in city apartments, it gives a feeling of closeness to nature. Provence is suitable for those people who appreciate a comfortable rest and tranquility. For Provence characterized by the following features:

  • muted low-key colors;
  • the decor is represented by floral ornaments;
  • natural matter without synthetic additives;
  • antique interior items.

The subtleties of Provence style are presented in pastel colors, in harmony with the design of the whole room.

Of the patterns, except for flower, can be: peas, cell, strip. Beautifully look images of trees or strange birds.

Use of this direction

The bed, decorated in the style of Provence, is the main subject of the bedroom. The bed can be made of wood or forged. The interior is complemented by wallpaper with floral patterns, light-colored furniture, excellent lighting and a variety of fabrics.

The colors are muffled, as if slightly faded, this is the main thing in this style. Another important feature is the matter used to design the bed. Used canopy, many pillows, a large blanket.

Selection features

    When choosing linen, the quality of fabrics and their colors play an important role. Matter is usually natural, and colors can be any, even white.

    The more types of fabric in the design of the bedroom in the style of Provence, the better. This applies to various covers on upholstered furniture, and curtains, and sets of linen.Flounces and ruffles hanging to the floor are welcome, they can be made from the same material as the main bedding, but can differ in composition and colors.

    It doesn’t matter what kind they are, whether they are gathered or absolutely even, they still add a special chic to the linen.

    Types of fasteners

    There are simple, discreet fasteners of pillows and duvet covers, while they are usually durable. These include buttons and ribbons.

    A set of linen can combine various types of ornaments. Each of the pillows can be framed in its own way, but the colors should be compatible. Also, as an option, a combination of colors is used in one subject. For example, one pillowcase can be made in a turquoise and white strip, and the other can have a white pattern on a turquoise background.

    The combination of some colors

    The relationship of shades should not be very fanciful:

    • white color is combined with pink;
    • blue - with a pale green gamma;
    • cream combines with beige or pale brown.

    The combination of white and cold colors will visually make a small room more spacious, although the presence of heavy and voluminous frills and ruff, on the contrary, reduces its size.

    It will be interesting to design in the technique of patchwork or patchwork. Subjects for sleep, which are made in this technique, do not seem dull to anyone. Floral patterns on a muted background are diluted with ruffles of the same material or similar in appearance.

    Provence style white linen. Here, intertwined simplicity and sophistication. Cushion covers can be added with ruffles of the same color.

    The veil, also white, should be large, and with its huge ruffles go down to the floor. White color is universal and is combined with almost all shades that are used in the Provencal style.

    Patterns of embroidery and lace

    Embroidery kits are the epitome of sophistication. For embroidery can be used threads of different colors or only white.

    It may be:

    • monograms;
    • flower patterns;
    • elements of nature, embroidered with a cross;
    • embroidery with the technique of richelieu, which looks excellent on bedding.

    The set can be additionally decorated with lace, which will give it a vintage look. Embroidery can be made on a special machine or manually.


    It is an embroidery that is made with white threads on a white cloth, but sometimes it can be done with colored threads. It is done either manually or with the help of an embroidery machine. Used floral motifs.


    For the style of provence apply lace natural shades. This is a kind of addition to the decor and can be used on pillowcases or along the edges of the bedspread.

    At first, the lace was woven by hand, then a little later machine lace appeared. For interior decoration, it was used in France and became an integral part of the Provence style.

    Linen linen

    This lingerie may seem too simple. But here style and convenience come together.

    The combination of flax with blue or gray color will enliven any room that is made in the style of Provence.


    When you make a room in the style of Provence, except bed linen, not the last place is occupied by bedspreads. They can combine naturalness and originality. Happen monophonic or consisting of matter of several shades. They often contain decorative elements, frills, lace and embroidery. The bedspread should be very large and cover the entire bed.

    Bed linen in the style of Provence - this is tenderness and comfort needed for a holiday, and yet it is a great option for romantic natures and connoisseurs of naturalness in the surrounding products.

    Such a style would be the best way to arrange bedrooms in an individual house, since it is in such houses that there is much more space and natural light than in a city apartment.

    How to sew bedding, see the following video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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