Tension sheet: how to make underwear with elastic?

Tension sheet, which covers the mattress as a cover, quite firmly entered into the everyday life of the modern family. Such bedding is a real find for those who are actively moving in their sleep and do not want to wake up on a wrinkled bed, tucked under the lower back.

The sheet has special elastic bands, sewn all over its edge or on the corners, which are attached to the mattress and under it and allow the sheets to remain flattened throughout the night.

Advantages and disadvantages

A lot of positive reviews on various forums and sites signal a large number of advantages of such bed linen over the usual. Of the advantages of buying or sewing sheets of this design are the following.

  1. The tension sheet does not move out, does not crumple and does not become clogged under the human body, even if it is actively moving in a dream. This is especially true for children and adolescents, as well as adults who have restless sleep. At the same time, the material of linen does not matter: even a silk sheet will not move away and will not gather in folds.
  2. It is much easier to fill the mattress with such a sheet, as it will always fit in size and it does not need to be pressed on the sides to fix. During operation, it is not necessary to change the bed every day and to change such clothes less often, since it does not hesitate and gets dirty less.
  3. It can act not only in the form of a regular bed, but also as a mattress cover, protecting it from contamination. Cleaning the mattress is not an easy task, and such a cover will allow you to do it much less often.
  4. The mattress, closed on the sides by an even stretched canvas, looks much neater and more comfortable than usual. You can choose bedding in the color of the bed itself, or, conversely, a contrasting shade. Beautifully look various patterns and ornaments, walking along the edge of such a made bed.

Unfortunately, with all its advantages,This unusual idea is not without certain disadvantages. One of the main concerns of customers about such a sheet is the difficulty of caring for it.

  1. Washing by hand is very time consuming and time consuming, and the washing machine too quickly causes a tight gum to become unusable. This problem can be solved with the help of various water softeners. These can be special tablets for washing machines or fabric softeners. In addition, during the washing of small things tend to be hammered into the sheets. In order not to lose a pair of socks or a small scarf, it is enough just to turn out the canvas after washing. Or just do not put in the machine such small things when washing bed linen.
  2. The second problem is ironing sheets, as the gum tightens it and does not carefully iron the canvas. To solve this is quite simple. You should pull the sheet on the ironing board with one hand so that the corner is flattened. In this case, the iron is located in the second hand and easily passes through all the folds, straightening them. In addition, this sheet can be ironed by pulling on the mattress itself. After such an ironing, you do not even need to restart it, it will correctly lie in the right place.

Both of these drawbacks can be considered conditional, since after two or three washes of a sheet, any person will get the hand at work and wash and iron such bed linen. At the same time all the advantages of its use will not disappear anywhere.

Most families who have switched from a normal sheet to a stretch linen, no longer return to the usual sets, as they seem to be completely uncomfortable.

What are the?

In the shops you can find stretched sheets and even whole sets of bed linen of various shades and patterns. It can be both monophonic canvases of pastel tones, and the real works of art. Especially brightly against this background are children's sets with various cartoon and fairy-tale characters.

But it is possible to classify sheets on an elastic band not only by drawing, but also by other parameters. The composition of the fabric can be found the following product:

  • calico sets;
  • percale sheets;
  • poplin linens;
  • knitwear;
  • silk or satin kits;
  • warm terry options.

Almost in all variants, except silk and satin sheets, cotton thread is used. The difference is only in its thickness and method of weaving.Do not take synthetic kits for people whose skin is especially sensitive and prone to irritation.

The choice of artificial material for a children's bed will also not be the most successful.

Depending on the size of linen is divided into the following types:

  • 120x60 - this size is considered childish;
  • 200x90 or 200x80 are sets for a single bed;
  • 200x110 and 200x120 - one and half bed linen;
  • 200x140, 200x160 and 200x180 - for a double bed;
  • 200x200 - standard size called "euro".

In addition, the tension sheets may vary in their design.

  1. Eraser can be sewn around the perimeter of the sheet, making it a kind of bag.
  2. Eraser can be sewn only in the corners of a rectangular canvas.
  3. The elastic can be in the form of a ribbon, sewn on both sides of the corner of the sheet and worn on the mattress, like a strap.

Do it yourself

      If you already have the usual sheet, then it is easy to turn into a tension. For this you need only three tools:

      • wide elastic band or elastic tape;
      • sewing machine;
      • tape measure.

      The whole process of work is quite simple and can be performed even by a novice. First of all, the measurements are taken from the mattress.It is necessary to know its length, width and height. After that, it is necessary to cut the finished sheet in such a way that 4 squares of such width as the height of the mattress plus a few centimeters of fabric for the allowances are cut into its corners. After that, the sides of the square cutouts are stitched together from the wrong side. You should have a kind of soft “box” without a lid.

      Stretch an elastic tape and pin with pins along the perimeter of a stitched box, then sew it on a typewriter. It is best to do this zigzag stitches. If instead of an elastic tape a thick elastic band was bought, then you can first make a small drawstring around the perimeter, and then insert a rubber band into it and sew its ends together. On the finished sheet, you need to process all the edges well with an overlock or a regular machine, after which you can pull it on the mattress. The usual sheet in two hours turned into a comfortable stretch.

      How to make a sheet on an elastic band with your own hands, you can see in the next video.

      Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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